Our Story

Our refreshing hard lemonade and tea is made with barrel-aged flavor, simple ingredients and draws inspiration from the promise of the merchant — make one thing well and stand behind it.

While a lot of people tend to romanticize the past as their best years, we like to think they’re actually just beginning, and that being a little grown-up is underrated. And awesome. You’ve got honed confidence, better style, enough cash to have a life, enough good people to fill that life with, and importantly, still plenty of room for evolution and fun, no matter where you fall on the literal and spiritual age spectrum.

Because craft isn’t a thing to be rushed, hacked or short-cutted — it’s where the beauty lies.

At Merchant’s we’ve issued two throwback classics the same treatment, evolving them to your current grown-up taste. Think old soul in a new can. The result? A more mature beverage experience for those who prefer a taste that’s a little grown up.

So to the grown-ups that aren’t too grown-up, and grown-ups still coming into their own, grab a Merchant’s.


Our Products


Our refreshing hard lemonade is lightly sweetened with honey and barrel-aged flavor for a smooth finish.


Our refreshing hard tea is lightly sweetened with a hint of peach and barrel-aged flavor for a smooth finish.

Who We Are


In today’s society, it can feel like everything’s about bells and whistles: hustling hardest, over-performing, triple-threating – jazz hands.

But we think about things a little differently.

In contrast to all that excess, we draw inspiration from the merchant – the ones who devote themselves to perfecting and mastering that one glorious thing they love. The ones who put their souls into their craft.

Because craft isn’t a thing to be rushed, hacked or short-cutted – it’s where the beauty lies.

It’s the notion of making something well and standing behind it – something you can’t wait to share…and have others share it too. For us, that’s enough. And enough is plenty.